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Space for Inspiration is an international conference organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) for everyone curious about space exploration and why it matters. The second edition focuses on how space can be a powerful instrument for positive change – and new businesses – on planet Earth.

This can’t miss event is a crossroads of disciplines and solutions ‘made in space’. Ideas range from automation, artificial intelligence, smart materials, virtual reality and innovative business models.



what’s in it for you

from international space exploration leaders about achievements and future plans
technologists, visionaries and problem solvers
Get inspired
by tackling society’s challenges and sharing achievements
with space and non-space actors
to and benefit from disruptive ideas
European exploration challenges
Bring up
solutions for worldwide socio-economic and environmental challenge

space for the non-space

Exploration is a combination of curiosity and opportunity. As innovation and commercial ideas emerge, the new space opens up to a broader community. The European Space Agency is already forging partnerships with the non-space sector.

The programme is geared towards stimulating new ideas and inspire action. Disruptive ideas can connect space and non-space areas with new approaches, solutions and services.

why attend

To participate in interactive sessions about breakthrough technologies. To get in touch with business leaders and pioneering thinkers. To unlock the business potential within international partnerships. To present your ideas to diversified and inter-generational audiences. To build up synergies and sustainable innovation.

who will be there

Space for Inspiration is a unique opportunity to meet bright problem-solvers, tech industry visionaries, researchers, policy makers, high management and investors willing to advance space exploration.

Feeling interested? Replay the talks from the first edition held at the London Science Museum on 14-15 September 2016.


The 2018 edition programme will approach exciting topics from two different view angles: business opportunities (day 2), and innovation & technology  (day 3).  Inspirational talks on the edge of space and society by invited speakers will be anchor points between the various topical sessions.  During the splinter sessions on day 2 and 3 participants will get the chance to get immersed in, get trained on, or have in depth exchanges on topics such as future markets, exploration commercial partnerships, technology mega-trends, space resources, investor session, robotics, health, energy, food, internet of things (IoT).  An inspirational dimension to engage with the broader society is already initiated on day 1 through a citizens engagement initiative, and continues during the entire event.


call for ideas

We call them DIGITSDisruptive Ideas Growing Innovation Towards Sustainability. And we want to hear your story. Selected ideas will have an opportunity to participate in Space for Inspiration as part of a:





You can choose one or more of the following topics:

Disruptive for exploration
Revamp exploration scenarios by proposing disruptive technologies, mission concepts and operations
Disruptive for Earth and society
Launch your idea to tackle sustainable development of our planet and help us solve the grand challenges
Disruptive for business and transformation
Present your business model that will contribute to sustained growth of the economy, possibly also beyond Earth
Disruptive for participation
How can we increase embedding space exploration in the centre of society, making all on Earth active stakeholders?

For more information please refer to the Call for DIGITS document and the DIGITS Submission Form.

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Space for Inspiration 2016  –  London Science Museum

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